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4 Reasons Why Using Gmail’s Bulk Email Feature Is a Bad Idea


Being able to send emails out in bulk via a method that’s free and quick to do is a great idea, yes or no? If you answered in the affirmative, then we have news for you!

Sending a mass of emails out with Gmail (or other webmail services) is problematic. Here are 4 reasons why using this feature can come back to bite you.

1. Maximum Daily Limits on Outbound Emails

When you first learn how to send mass emails in Gmail it may fill you with glee. Google Sheets has a familiar interface for many people, which is comforting. Sending mass emails through their system by using an add-on like Yet Another Mail Merge seems to make sense.

They know what they’re doing, surely? When sending via the Gmail system even indirectly through Google Sheets, you’ll quickly hit daily limits if you’re not careful. Then emails will either not go out or they’ll find their way to junk mail folders.

2. Higher Spam Flags Raised

Webmail providers like Gmail understand email lists. They even now filter marketing messages into their own tab in most Gmail Inboxes. Because of this, they know to expect the same message to be sent out to everyone on a list on the same day.

They don’t automatically mark it as spam or junk mail. However, when using a mass sending feature outside of a recognized mailing list, it screams junk mail. It hasn’t originated from a known provider of this kind of service, so the email warrants a closer look.

Also, it certainly doesn’t help that junk mail senders tend to use free mass email features to get around double opt-in requirements too. More often than not, excessive email sent via Google gets flagged as junk by webmail services and is never seen by the intended recipient. Why waste your time?

3. Gmail Can Disable an Account

In a situation where there have been too many emails sent out and subsequently marked as ‘spam’ by recipients, this comes back to haunt the sender.

Gmail steps in and is happy to block the account by disabling access to email features to prevent a repeat of this situation. At which point, you’re stuck unless you open up a new Gmail account and try using that.

However, IP addresses can connect each account making it possible that Google could eventually block more than one account. Clearly, for business marketing, this is not a practical solution over the medium- to long term.

4.Lacks Extra Features

By using a professional email service provider, they offer a wealth of other tools, services, and benefits.

These include:

  • Email deliverability and opening statistics
  • Multiple email lists
  • Hands-off autoresponders
  • Higher deliverability from a respected service
  • Low spam scores
  • No fixed sending limit for daily emails

As you can see, there are many upsides to using an email service provider and not a webmail provider to facilitate your email marketing needs. While sending out a few messages to customers over Gmail does make sense.

Any serious ongoing marketing should be routed through a provider that’s set up expressly for this purpose. Using the right tool for the job is essential in getting more done.

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