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A Guide to Living and Working Between London And Another Region In The UK

Many business owners and employees live and work between two cities, particularly if their main base of operations is in London. After all, the city is densely populated and incredibly expensive to live in, so it’s understandable that many staff might want to live outside the city.

Whatever the reason, living and working between two different locations can be difficult. Here we look at a few ways of making this easier for you or your employees.

Managing Your Own Home

It can feel like a bit of waste paying for two places and only living in one. If your company is paying for you to have a place to live, it may be that you just want to leave your own place as is.

If you have a spare room but weren’t considering a housemate before, now might be the perfect time to rent out your spare room, especially if you aren’t going to be spending much time at your house. This means you can split some of the bills and charge rent.

Possibly making money from your home whilst being away. Renting your space on Airbnb is another good option for the meantime, just be sure you have someone who can hand out and collect the keys and check the space between clients if you aren’t going to be back to do so yourself.

If you are planning on leaving your home empty, be sure a friend or family member can visit once in a while, just to keep a check on things. Using a light timer will also scare away any burglars, as you can time light to come on each night you aren’t home.

Finding a Place to Live Whilst Working

There are plenty of options when choosing to live and work between two cities. Many business people go from hotel to hotel, but this can feel like a lonelier option and can often be more expensive.

Whilst staying in a hotel for a few nights can feel like a luxury, if you are going to be living in a city for a month or more, hotel living isn’t ideal. Many people also choose Airbnb options, as they can stay for a longer period of time.

The best way to feel at home whilst working and temporarily living in another city is to choose a furnished apartment. London is the UK’s largest business hub and many organizations are run from here.

One of the many apartment providers in the city, Blueground, provides furnished apartments that are great for business travelers who are spending more than one month in the UK’s capital city. Moving into a furnished property is one of the most relaxing options and means you don’t have to purchase anything to make it feel like your own place.

Meeting People

One of the biggest worries that people have when working in London and living outside of it is meeting others. Work is a fantastic way to meet people but often you want friends outside of work. While it may sound daunting at first, it’s a good idea to check out the local food and bar scene; you never know who you may get chatting to.

Start going to the gym or attending classes to meet other like-minded people. All it takes is a simple “hello, I’m new to the city” to get people chatting to you and perhaps inviting you out for a drink or to grab some lunch. There are also some great apps out there for just making friends.

Maintaining a Routine

Flitting from place to place can damage your routine, and when you aren’t used to it, it can be difficult to adjust. The best way to maintain a routine is to start straight away. This means finding a local gym before you even get out there.

So you know how far away it is and when the best classes are available. Be sure to take a few home comforts with you, such as your favorite book or some art supplies, if you enjoy being creative in your spare time.

Meditation is a great way to feel at home and present within the moment, no matter where you are. Be sure to keep in touch with people from home, too. Facetime or Skype are both great ways to see familiar faces.

Especially if you are feeling homesick. Try not to just see your work city as work. Take every opportunity to make it feel like your second home. Not everyone gets the opportunity to travel between two places.

Whilst it can seem daunting, make the most of the sights and entertainment both cities have to offer. Choosing a furnished apartment can make you feel more at home than moving between hotels.

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