Bare Metal services and why Heficed is one the best options for all types of businesses

The Internet has become an essential tool for all those companies, and individuals, who want to offer their services and products to a greater number of people. For everything to work correctly, it is important to have a good hosting system that offers the best features.

Today many companies do not have a server, but what is the purpose of having a server in the company?

The answer to this question is found in the objectives that the company has and the needs it demands. A server can be very useful when working as a team since a server is used to save data and that can be easily shared.

When we refer to data, it does not always have to do with figures, codes, etc. This data can be simple things like customer quotes, important files that you work with on a daily basis, etc. There are many servers on the market and they all have different prices and magnitudes, as well as their power characteristics, memory, etc.

The best thing a company can do when it comes to listing a server is to first consult with an expert on the subject. There are many companies that are dedicated to the implementation of IT infrastructures and servers are a subject that most dominates.

Before choosing a consultant, it is important to know if this IT consultant has the necessary experience to recommend and install the right server for your company.

Something very important is to know if it has certifications through the manufacturers that endorse the experience of this company so as to be able to give you a good consultation regarding which server or servers could be appropriate for your company.

Servers are mainly used to store important information. For example, documents that contain information of interest to your business such as reports, inventories, programs to make invoices, etc.

In this sense, bare-metal servers have become one of the best options that we can find in the market since they offer solutions to respond to meet the demand for any type of service.

What are bare metal servers?


In recent years, bare-metal servers have acquired great importance within the hosting sector, although it may be that you do not know what this type of service consists of. In short, they can be defined as dedicated physical servers that are exclusive to a certain customer.

Thanks to this type of server, the client makes sure to be able to make use of 100% of the contracted resources, being the client the one who decides how to adjust the hardware to carry out the different tasks.

One of the most important characteristics of bare metal servers is that their implementation does not require any software or virtualization layer, as well as the freedom to choose the operating system that best suits each client. It is the user who has total freedom to do and undo things on his bare metal server.

The best thing about these services is that they are designed to be used within a wide variety of applications, regardless of the size of the project. Let’s look at some use cases below:

Website hosting: One of the main uses of bare metal servers is to offer the necessary resources for the proper functioning of any type of website.

Business applications: Being services with a high number of resources, it allows the hosting of tools that are vital for the proper functioning of any business, whether they are ERP or CRM, to give a few examples.

Virtualization: They can be used as a basis for creating virtualization projects.

Games:  Having a bare metal server infrastructure can be the perfect solution for the proper functioning of Minecraft or similar games since by having total control over the machines, they can be optimized to achieve better performance.

Advantages of using bare-metal servers

We have seen what bare metal servers are and some of the most common uses, but what are their main advantages? Let’s see below what are its main advantages.

High-performance systems

As it is a service where 100% of the resources are available to the client, it will help to achieve better returns.


By having different types of bare metal servers, it is possible to find the one that best suits the needs of each user, whether in storage capacity, RAM, or bandwidth.

High availability

Notably, it is possible to start using a bare metal server in a matter of minutes. In addition, thanks to the large number of data centers that it has, it is guaranteed that the service is active without any kind of waiting.

More secure servers

As these are exclusive services for each client, the data and applications hosted on them will be isolated from the rest of the users. In addition, the client can implement the security measures it deems appropriate at all times.

Bare Metal servers offered by Heficed

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, Heficed offers different options depending on the use that is going to be given to them. Let’s get to know their range of bare metal servers.


These are servers that are designed to offer hosting to websites, blogs, or forums, obtaining reduced response times. They are also perfect for use as file storage and sharing service, or for the deployment of business applications.


Thanks to their characteristics, they are ideal for hosting e-commerce as well as the installation of ERPs or CRMs for the proper functioning of any company.


Thanks to its high availability, it is a perfect option for business applications, guaranteeing the integrity of the most sensitive data. They are also a good option to create virtual machines or to optimize workloads thanks to the power they offer.


They are servers designed for intensive and demanding use such as Big Data, Machine Learning, or the creation of distributed and scalable applications.


They are the perfect solution to ensure the smooth running of online multiplayer games, as well as for video game developers.

As we have seen, Heficedoffers a large number of options that adapt to the needs of each one, offering high-quality services.

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