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We have approached the importance we attach to friendship in different ways. The subject has in our mind so much time that even Plato and Aristotle discussed it a long time about its nature. The latter wrote that ” The excellent person is related to his friend in the same way in which he relates to himself, for a friend is another being of his own. Therefore, just as his own being has the courage to be chosen for him, being the friend has the courage to be chosen in the same or similar way. “

In Ancient Greece, the opening of the theme of friendship was seen as an aggrandizement of oneself, an acceptance of another being who also accepted us, as it is usually with lovers. And in fact, the word “Philos” was used to refer to both “friends” and “lovers.”

In different cultures, there are variations in the perception of friendship, but there is one element in common: the relevance of loyalty among friends. Curiously, there is also a classification for the relationship with a close person, since it is a question of moving away by many means from the term “best friend”: that individual who feels as if he is destined to enjoy this land with us, or without him We would feel incomplete.

We can assume hundreds of things about friendship, but nothing says more than our feelings. We all have a person who has our affection and unconditional respect and although, unlike Ancient Rome, love and friendship are not equal, they are completely connected when we think of our “best friend”. And there is nothing better than music to thank you for always being by our side every moment waiting for the next meaningless dance.

In this article, we will tell you 5 best songs on friendship which are following

“All My Friends” – Broken Social Scene:

Sometimes what unites people the most are hymns. That is why in concerts we usually hug each other when that song that everyone knows comes and although this one from Broken Social Scene is not so popular in the world, it is a love letter of friendship that expresses the feelings of two people who, although they are different, share the same universe. The lonely generation shines in the lyrics of this song while the friends of the world mourn with melancholy the best days of the past.

“Move Your Feet” – Junior-Senior:

Nothing better than a dance to share with our best friend. This classic theme of Junior Senior is not only one of the best-known themes of the beginning of the century, but it is one of the most danced and perfect to synchronize with the feat’s companion. Everything usually causes less pain if we are accompanied by that person and some ridiculous steps with this track are suitable to dedicate and remember that it is time to move.

“Best Friend” – The Drums:

It is still unclear what the song is talking about, but it seems to regret the departure of a best friend. Although it sounds sweet it is a bit sad since it represents a separation without showing an accusation or a sense of guilt, it only delimits the important moments. It would seem inappropriate to dedicate but it is an excellent reminder of unconditional permanence.

“Don’t Stop Me Now”

If there are even more fun songs than this, they tend to be overshadowed for a moment by the genius of this track that is undoubtedly made to share a moment of ecstasy with that person we feel like part of our family. Freddie Mercury’s voice invites us to be ashamed and show our weak musical abilities to live a moment without equal with the best friend.
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