Corporate Team Building Post-pandemic: Invest in a Scavenger Hunt

Invest in a Scavenger Hunt! The shift to remote working for teams accustomed to working together was challenging. Team building activities can help employees connect.

Try engaging in fun, low-cost activities that don’t require physical contact. These activities build morale and business continuity during this transition period. 

Corporate Team Building Ideas

Volunteer Day

Volunteering or doing charity events can be a good team-building exercise. Volunteering is an inclusive activity that helps participants bond with company values and cultures. Holding a volunteering day could bring free promotion to demonstrate your company’s involvement with the community.

Choose a location where everyone will volunteer, such as a soup kitchen, an animal shelter, or another worthy cause. You can identify a different cause for each team or department as it can be easier to manage small groups. Once the teams are done volunteering, schedule an afternoon for an outing.

Work Jeopardy

This is a trivia game based on a popular show. Come up with several questions in different categories like pop culture and historical figures. Each question should get gradually harder and be worth more points. Break the participants into smaller teams to encourage healthy competition. You can award the winning team a special prize.

Company Trivia

Company trivia is an ideal way for new team members to learn about your business and their colleagues. You can include everything from company mission and history to fascinating facts about your staff, milestone moments, and much more. The games should be educational and fun, and remote workers can join in too.

Talent Show

Talent shows are a fun way to assist employees in learning about each other and reduce stress. Decide on a specific time and request members to showcase a unique skill. Let everyone vote on the talent show winner. The lucky winner can be awarded a prize. 

If you have many employees, the ‘closing’ hour at the end of the week would be the most appropriate time to host a talent show. Set up a computer for a conference call to bring in remote workers.

Exploration Day

Everyone loves participating in a scavenger hunt. The games can be as simple or complex as you wish. Think about a scavenger hunt that allows your staff to explore the city. 

Share riddles and clues at various locations and businesses around town. Participants can improve their collaborative skills as they figure out clues together. 
Come up with a time limit for each activity. You can meet at the local restaurant for lunch once the hunt is over. 

If you lack the resources and time to set up a large puzzle or if you’ve recently relocated to a new office, keep things simple. Avoid the downtown or city-wide scavenger hunt. Keep it close to the office and arrange for catering for lunch.

Here are some tips on planning a scavenger hunt for your corporate team:

How to Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Planning a scavenger hunt can be easy if you take the process step by step. Here is what you should do:

Determine the Number of Participants

Knowing the number of participants for the activity is the first step. Think about whether you want your department to participate alone or if you want to include other departments that work with your team closely.

Identify a Theme

Having a theme is a great way to connect your corporate policies with the scavenger hunt. You can have a meeting before the scavenger hunt to tell your team the theme and make sure they are prepared.

Choose a theme that everyone can understand to add to the fun atmosphere of the scavenger hunt.

Arrange the Teams

Team events are a good time to introduce different departments to each other. You can arrange the teams to encourage different groups to mingle and help employees get to know each other.

Make sure you avoid putting together teams with conflicting employees.

Create a Time Limit

Decide on the amount of time you want to spend on the activity. Many hunts last for one or two hours. Make sure to account for this time when you do your accounting and delegation.

Come Up with Rules

List the parameters of the scavenger hunt. Decide on how winners will be awarded. Do the participants need to bring picture evidence of their activities? The rules should be fairly simple.

An awarding process is a great way to finish an event. It encourages friendly competition and builds comradery. You can include prizes in the award ceremony. Prizes can be in the form of gift cards, company gear, or extra vacation time.

Find the Best App for Team Building Activities

Companies use team building activities to help enhance and promote cooperation and teamwork. Team building apps are software tools for mobile designed to encourage teammate interaction through educational pursuits, shared social spaces, and games. 

Look for an app with scavenger hunt ideas to bring participants together for bonding. 

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