Custom Metal Signs: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself First

You could use a new sign or two around your place of business. The most practical solution is to avoid a trip to the office supply store and seek out someone who can create custom metal signs that will work for you. Before setting up a meeting, it pays to ask yourself a few questions. Doing so will make that initial meeting more productive.

What’s the Purpose for the Sign?

What’s the reason that you need the sign in the first place? Perhaps it’s intended to provide information about where to find specific areas or departments. Maybe the goal is to direct people away from areas that are for employee use only. It may be that the goal is to use the signs as ways to help organize goods or supplies so they are easy to find.

Be specific about what you want to accomplish with each sign. Doing so will make it all the easier to develop a design that achieves whatever goal you have in mind.

How Large Should It Be?

The dimensions for your signs must also be taken into consideration. They need to be large enough for everyone to read without any difficulty. At the same time, there may be limited space in the areas where you want to display the signage.

Now is the time to take some measurements and identify the size that would work best in each of those areas. Doing so will make it all the easier to provide specifics to the professional who will ultimately create the signs for you.

What Elements Do You Want to Include?

There are all sorts of elements that you can include in custom metal signs. In most cases, you will want to include text. Perhaps some sort of image also needs to be included. Colors are also something that needs to be taken into account.

To identify as many elements as you can. At the same time, be open to any suggestions that the professional comes up with during the initial discussion. Between the ideas you have and any inspiration that the professional brings to the table, you may end up with signs that go beyond being good and end up being great.

How Much Can You Spend?

Cost is definitely a factor that you will need to take into consideration. As with any type of business expense, you want to spend enough to secure quality signage that will hold up well for a number of years while still keeping the cost within your means. That may seem difficult at first, but it’s nice to know a professional can suggest some ways to ensure everything remains within the budgeted amount.

For example, the professional may suggest using a metal that will work well in the setting but happens to be less expensive than what you initially considered using. It may also be that you can still have the look you want while utilizing alternative elements that are less costly. By working with the professional, it’s possible to find the happy medium between the expense and the final design.

Remember that metal signs can serve a lot of purposes. Be clear about what you want to do with yours and bring along any design ideas that have come to mind. It won’t take long for the professional to come up with drafts that you can review and hopefully find to your liking.

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