How Much Do Driving Lessons Cost in 2022?

Have you been worried about the cost of driving lessons? Driving courses can help you to expand your range of mobility and learn more about safe driving practices. In California, Washington, and Florida, driving classes are in many service locations, but range in price. 

Here are the average costs of driving.

What Do They Cost?

Most driving schools have several courses with different rates for teens and adults. Almost all of them offer a course that familiarizes you with the requisite driving and parking rules.

A lesson costs an average of $50 per hour for one-on-one instruction with a driving instructor. The cost is much higher for the advanced actual road training with an experienced driving instructor. Most driving schools offer an all-inclusive training package which can be an affordable option.

Factors that Influence the Pricing of Driving Lessons:


Your location greatly influences how much to pay when enrolling for a driving lesson. Driving schools in large cities charge more as they have higher overhead costs than in regional areas. Inflation and the cost of living in the area can also affect the price.

In areas with a smaller number of schools around, the cost may be higher if there are fewer instructor teams on the market. Those in regional areas may charge less because they may not need large teams of employees due to lower customer traffic levels.

The Type of Vehicle

The vehicle used in your driving courses can influence the price. Some cars are easier and cheaper to learn how to drive than others. The rate of gas consumption may determine the expense rate of the courses. If you learned to drive using a sports car, the price would be higher than learning while using a basic sedan. The risks of accidents and the cost of vehicle insurance can fluctuate based on the vehicle you learn to drive in.

Manual transmission vehicles can be harder to drive than automatic ones, requiring more time behind the wheel to master them. Manual transmission drivers typically spend more money than those learning how to drive an automatic vehicle.

Type of Driving Instruction

Most driving schools offer private lessons with an instructor or semi-private lessons with another student in the car. An instructor will teach you skills like applying brakes, turning, and starting the engine. A novice driver requires advanced classes to learn how to drive on roads with heavy traffic and navigate intersections.

The duration of each lesson affects the hours needed before you can take your test. Some people take longer than others because of their different aptitude levels and incur more costs. There is a wide range of courses available, from driver’s education to defensive driving to adult driver education. The type of course also determines whether an individual has to take a written exam before they can take their road test.

The defensive driving course is a short course that focuses on safe driving techniques. Defensive driving costs less than beginner’s driver education or behind-the-wheel lessons.

Experience Level

Driving lessons vary in price depending on your experience level. Novice drivers pay more for their classes due to their high insurance rates and risk of accidents. 

An experienced driver who is taking the courses to renew their license or expand their skills can pay less because they only need help preparing for written and behind-the-wheel tests.

Number of Lessons

The number of lessons required before taking your driving test also affects how much it costs to get them. A beginner driver may require quite a bit more instruction than someone who has already been on the road for a while. If you are taking lessons to renew your license, you will have to complete the hours required by the government. Some driving instruction companies will have discounted rates depending on the number of courses you plan to take.

Wait no More; Sign Up for Driving Lessons Today!

In California, Washington, and Florida, driving lessons cost an average of $50 for each hour-long class. Most driving offers hands-on driving and a class portion on road safety and emergency preparedness. Learning how to drive from a certified instructor school enhances your knowledge and can save you from much stress while on the roads. 

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