How to Choose the Best Platform for Your Virtual Expo?

For several industries, event organizers, and individuals, going virtual was a novel and critical change. But, since that was the call of the hour in 2020, everyone had to take their events online.

Right from exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, career fairs, or shows, each event seamlessly embraced the virtual stage to transform the event experiences.

Virtual expos are one of the same kind. The online expos offer an opportunity for exhibitors and attendees to come together at a time to connect, engage, and obtain prospect leads. Since each type of online event has its definite set of requirements or aspects, so does a virtual expo.

To know more about it, let us learn about the key features involved in hosting a successful virtual expo;

  • Customized Abilities

Virtual events are about modifying the online environment based on business requirements. An online event platform that can provide customized solutions helps create impactful experiences. When we talk about virtual expos, branding and customization play a significant role.

With excellent branding and customized virtual booths, exhibitors find it easier to lure more attendees. These virtual booths help them obtain more leads and potential customers by displaying their products, content, or offerings.

A customizable virtual expo platform lets you uniquely design registration pages, event websites, or invitation emails. It is an effective way to leave a lasting impression on the attendees and compel them to visit the event website and most likely register for the exhibition.

  • Automation Features

Virtual event platforms ask for the involvement of advanced software to handle digital registrations, check-ins, real-time interactions, multi-channel live streaming, and more.

Lead platforms like Dreamcast can seamlessly embrace these features to make your online exhibition unique and realistic. These automated tools intend to save ample time, energy, and resources with the adaptation of technical advancements.

  • Easy Navigation

With the attendees exploring the platform from multiple devices, you need to remember that most of their event experiences will be on the platform itself. Hence, make sure that the platform navigation is super simple.

You can also provide tutorials or a guidebook about the information regarding the joining process or navigation procedure. Another aspect that you should ensure is the attendees need not have to go through the hassle of making unnecessary downloads or set-ups before the login to the virtual expo.

  • Offers Multiple Interactive Tools

We all understand that the attention span for virtual attendees is quite low. Hence, it is vital to make the event sessions super engaging to reduce attendee drop-off. Event planners can conduct live polls, contests, or Q&A rounds in between the sessions

It will keep the audience actively engaged. You can also integrate a live chat feature to promote real-time 1:1 or group discussions. With great interactive tools, it becomes easier to promote attendee engagement and replicate the scenario of a physical environment.

  • Unique Engagement Features

Engagement is a significant criterion that can enhance the event experience for the attendees. With the digital acceptance of exhibitions, it is important to keep the participants notified about the sessions or speakers.

You can use on-event announcement features like push notifications or pop-up features to send reminders about the upcoming sessions or notifications about the ongoing ones. These strategies will help you increase the dwell time of the audience on the platform.

Besides relevant sessions, you can consider gamifying your online exhibition. Games like tic-tac-toe, word games, crossword, temple run are excellent ideas to promote engagement.

Innovations like an AI matchmaking tool, a social wall, branded photobooths, or a signature wall help recreate the experiences of an on-site expo or trade show. These creative ideas encourage attendees to explore the platform and stay involved and hooked for a longer time.

  • Makes Way for Networking Opportunities

Networking is one motive why most exhibitors or attendees visit a virtual show, fair, or expo. Hence, you should ensure that the online expo platform you choose allows several ways for attendees, exhibitors, or speakers to connect and engage.

The most important one is virtual networking tables that encourage 1:1 or group discussions via chat, video, and audio tools. You can also introduce features like business card exchange or B2B meetings scheduler to let attendees learn more about the exhibitors.

  • Social Media Integration

In recent times, we have learned that social media rules the digital world. Social media channels are the best way to boost the global reach of your virtual expo. Platforms that enable social media integration help you live-stream your event on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram. It is an efficient way to make your event more exciting and engaging.

  • Supports Live and On-demand Content

Some virtual expo calls for keeping the exhibitor’s profile accessible even after the event ends. To promote this, you need to select a virtual event technology that empowers you to stream live or on-demand content.

With on-demand content delivery, attendees have the opportunity to access the virtual booth, content, or significant discussions post the event. It extends the shelf life of the content, and attendees remember it for a long time post its execution.

  • Detailed Reporting and Insights

An event organizer would be eager to learn if the online expo could meet the pre-decided goals and objectives. So, a platform that provides insights into attendee navigation, most visited virtual booths, the count of online registrations, and much more helps you measure the success of the virtual event.

  • Backed by Customer Support

With an exhibition happening online, it is important to ensure that your platform provides real-time assistance to the attendees. A mindful group of people working as a backend team ensures that attendees have a seamless digital log-in experience. It is a great way to enhance the attendee experience.

Wrapping Up We have realized that the online format of events requires more attention and diligence. But, with the right decision of the virtual expo platform, the entire process of hosting an event simplifies.

Hence, it is important to choose a one-stop solution for your virtual exhibition that includes most of the above-mentioned features.

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