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How to Deal with the Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

The physical effects of losing your hair might be quite apparent, but for many guys who are dealing with a receding hairline or other signs of male pattern baldness, it’s the psychological effects that get to you the most.

Losing your hair can have a profound effect on your mental health and wellbeing, particularly if your hair has been your pride and joy thus far in your life. Losing your hair can feel – quite literally – like you are losing a part of yourself.

So it’s normal to feel sad or even depressed about it. Here’s what you can do to fight the psychological effects of losing your hair and continue to feel at your best regardless of how much hair is on your head.

It’s More Common Than You Think

First of all, you might gain some comfort from hearing that male pattern baldness is more common than you think. In fact, half of all men worldwide are going to lose all or most of their hair by the time they are fifty years old; you’re certainly not alone in this.

Most men will lose their hair as they age and less than 5% of men are lucky enough to be able to keep their youthful hairline. You can be assured that you’re going through something that every guy in your life has dealt with, is dealing with, or is going to deal with at some point.

Speak to Somebody

Some guys are able to brush off their male pattern baldness with a shrug and embrace it as part of their lives, while for others, it has a huge impact on their self-esteem. There’s nothing wrong with feeling either way, as, after all, we all place different levels of value on our hair and other physical attributes.

However, if your hair loss has started to have a drastic effect on your life to the point where you are no longer enjoying the things that you used to do or fun times are tainted by feeling self-conscious about yourself, it might be time to speak to somebody about how you are feeling. There’s no shame in talking about your feelings, getting it out, and learning healthier ways to cope.

Try Hair Loss Treatments

If you’ve just noticed the first signs of your hair thinning or your hairline receding, you’re in luck – you still have plenty of time to slow down hair loss or even temporarily reverse it. While there aren’t any treatments out there that will completely stop you from losing your hair altogether, you can certainly drag it out for as long as possible.

The two main hair loss treatment options are minoxidil and finasteride, both of which you can purchase online from Manual – a men’s health store with several options available to help you restore your hair to as close to its former glory as possible. Minoxidil is applied in the form of a lotion to your head daily, or you can get a shampoo that is enriched with it. Finasteride should be taken in tablet form orally each day, and will typically take around 3-6 months to work. This medication prevents testosterone from being converted to dihydrotestosterone – the hormone that shrinks your hair follicles.

Upgrade Your Style

Sometimes, a style upgrade is all it is going to take to feel better about yourself and embrace your hair loss. A visit to a good barber can leave you feeling much better when you are able to find a haircut that works for you if the one you’ve been getting for years no longer does anything for your new mane. Speak to your barber about your main points of concern and the areas that you want to hide or draw less attention to. Some men also feel better for taking the plunge and shaving all their hair off, which allows them to take control of their baldness and decide when it’s going to happen for them.

Look After Your Overall Health

Looking after your overall health will not only help you feel more confident about yourself and your other physical qualities, but it can also have a nice side effect of slowing your hair loss down.

Simple things like making sure that you are getting enough sleep at night can have a positive effect since when you’re sleeping is when your hormones are at their most active. In addition, going to the gym regularly can make you feel much better both physically and mentally.

And eating a good diet enriched with plenty of protein, vegetables, fiber, and fruit will contribute to healthy hair growth along with helping you feel much better from the inside out.

Male pattern baldness is something that most men will need to deal with in their lifetime, and the psychological effects of losing your hair can be much bigger than the physical ones.

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