Just How Dolby Atmos Can Improve Your Surround Noise Experience

Do you like your soundbar, yet your preferred flicks still lack an ending-up touch? Do you want impressive noise depth and reasonable results that place you right in the middle of the action? Do you wish to listen to the raindrops falling from the ceiling like in the cinema and also be impressed by the special impacts?

After that Dolby Atmos paired with residence theater power manager is really something for you. Where the limits of a stereo system or Bluetooth audio speakers have actually currently been consumed, our Residence cinema comes into the picture.

We don’t just supply you the needed passive speakers or collections independently, but additionally complete, collaborated sound systems including our REFLEKT speakers for Dolby Atmos Naturally, Dolby Atmos sets come with a coordinating AV receiver and also a powerful speaker for the needed bass. The globe of three-dimensional sound experience is simply a click away!

What is Dolby Atmos?

Unlike Dolby Digital, Dolby Surround, or DTS, the Dolby Atmos audio layout theoretically allows the playback and processing of a boundless variety of soundtracks. So it is a good size. Strictly talking, there are no “Dolby Atmos” audio speakers, but there are licensed speakers that replicate these audio tracks.

Since in theory every movie scene, as well as every item visible in it, must also be sonically reproduced, such layouts are additionally known as object-based. Because of the various signals for each and every specific speaker, based upon the actual motion picture scene, the audio signal is defined in such a way that you seem like you are right in the middle of the movie action.

Furthermore, far more signals and also information is refined than with Dolby Digital or DTS, so that you regard far more detail with enormous precision. You can submerge yourself directly in the movie as well as take pleasure in the action with all your senses. For the special audio signals that you hear from the ceiling or “from above”, the AV receiver has matching connections on the back, which you can link during installment.

How do I install my audio speakers for Dolby Atmos?

You can conveniently link our REFLEKT speakers to your present border system if you have the required links on the AV receiver. On the one hand, you can set up the REFLEKT audio speakers as “representation audio speakers” on, as an example, a floor-standing speaker. To do this, established the switch on the back to “reflective mode”.

By doing this, the noise is reflected from the ceiling, so you can enjoy it on your sofa. Alternatively, you can use the REFLEKT as a “direct audio speaker”. To do this, establish the button to “direct setting” as well as install the audio speakers on the front wall just below the ceiling to ensure that the audio is transferred at an angle to the paying attention setting.

This way, you can pay attention to the sound from the resting position.
In this manner, you can flawlessly match your Dolby Atmos system to your area for the best surround sound.

Where do I connect the speakers for Dolby Atmos?

Do you have little experience with attaching speakers? Not a problem. Keep in mind that the designation of the equivalent networks might vary relying on the brand of the AV receiver, so make use of the receiver’s configuration wizard for arrangement or link. This way you can correctly designate the channels that are planned for the Atmos signals.

With more recent AV receivers, a photo is presented on the screen of your television as well as the speaker links are even clearly mentioned. While acquiring an audio speaker guarantees that it has 7 different speaker channels (“7.1 or 7.2”). With “Atmos receivers” you can configure the last 2 channels as outcomes for ceiling audio speakers.

Alternatives to Dolby Atmos

In addition to Dolby Atmos, there are other sound styles that additionally process as well as recreate 3D audio signals. These are presently DTS: X and also Auro 3D. The major distinction is the quantity of information processed. With DTS: X, this is substantially higher, giving more information in theory (at least in simple mathematical terms).

With Dolby Atmos, a minimum of 2 audio speakers are required for these signals. With Auro 3D, there are four. Therefore, Auro 3D needs an AV receiver with a minimum of 9 separate links. Can I use Dolby Atmos via streaming solutions such as Netflix as well as Amazon.com Prime?
Unfortunately, this is not yet feasible. Currently, movies are relayed in maximum Dolby Digital 5.1 by streaming companies. The information volume for Dolby Atmos signals is substantially bigger, and also consequently it is not yet possible to send them online.

For image and also sound, you will just accomplish the best top quality with Blu-ray. Furthermore, you have to connect the Blu-ray gamer to the AV receiver via an HDMI wire. You can just make use of the Blu-ray player if your TV has a new HDMI eARC connection and can additionally process the audio signal.

Link directly to the TV and also path the noise to the AV receiver via HDMI eARC. But even if you don’t receive an Atmos signal, you can use the setups on the AV receiver to create a digital 3D noise, which will after that also play the audio speakers on the “Atmos outputs”.

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