Ontario immigration nominee program: things to know

Immigration to Canada is a pathway for better living standards for many deserving Indian students and working professionals. Individuals considering emigration to Canada can register for the Ontario Express Entry program.

There are many benefits of immigrating to Ontario. The Canadian immigration process is transparent, always providing you with the rare opportunity to settle in one of the most developed Western countries in the world.

Aspiring students and working professionals are on the lookout for the best Canadian immigration consultant in India. It increases the probability of them becoming permanent residents or citizens of Canada.

Immigration to Canada is a most sought-after migration pattern observed due to the presence of life-enriching opportunities. Let’s know more about the Ontario express entry system:

Ontario Express Entry Program: Golden opportunity for Canadian Visa seekers

Ontario Express Entry programs are a fantastic opportunity for international students, foreign professionals, skilled entrepreneurs, and business owners outside the periphery of the western hemisphere.

It is a comprehensive immigration program that attracts the top cream of the student community, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management) professionals.

Clients seeking to land on the Canadian shore are best served in their pursuit by the best Canada Immigration consultants in India. Well-networked consultants can guide prospective immigrants to the Ontario Express entry program in qualified work experience and educational credentials.

 What do you need to know?

The Canadian immigration process can be a little complex for the uninitiated. Qualification for Ontario Express entry depends on the following 3 points:

1. Employer job confirmation category:

This applies to workers who already possess a permanent job contract from an employer or business based in Ontario.

2. Human capital category:

This applies to highly skilled graduates or working professionals from the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management category, who have established their mettle in previous instances.

3. Business category

This window of opportunity belongs to entrepreneurs aspiring to start profitable businesses in Canada.

The best Canada Immigration consultants in India enhance the language skills of visa seekers, imbibing in them a strong citizenship profile that guarantees admission into the Ontario Express entry Program.

Application process

Canadian visa applicants can follow the below four steps for becoming eligible for the Ontario immigration entry program:

 1. Qualification is crucial

 Applicants should select the appropriate educational or professional stream under which they would like their application to be scrutinized. Applicants should check whether they meet all the requirements of that stream.

 2. Profile creation and the subsequent step of applying for notification of interest

Before the nomination draw, clients should create a profile which will then be ranked according to an internal scoring system by the Canadian Home Department, based on the economic use of the client and their degree of adaptability to Canadian culture. The top-ranking candidates will receive a notification of interest invitation. In addition, the e-filing portal can be used to create a secondary profile.

 3. Nomination Phase

 After receiving an invitation, immigration seekers can be nominated subject to fulfilling NOC (No Objection in Canada) rules. International students who get an employee job offer can apply for this step of the immigration process within 14 calendar days from receiving the email.

 The application cost for Ontario Express entry in the categories of Human capital and Employee Confirmation goes up to $2000, and for the business stream, the amount hovers around $3500.

What are the different requirements in the general category of the Ontario Express entry program?

Some of the general considerations that will make the immigration process convenient for you are listed below:

  • Minimum certification of educational eligibility should be presented through a diploma, degree, or certificate.
  •  Applicants should have good faith and intent of setting up permanent residency in Ontario.
  •  Field experience is mandatory in the applied occupational category.
  • Prospective applicants should score a minimum of 6 out of 7 in the IELTS examination. On an alternative basis, the Canadian language benchmark test can also be taken with a score of 7 and above.

Additional tips to successfully pass through Ontario Express Entry Nominee Program

1. Application process and swiftness

The complete processing and disposal of the application will take up to a maximum of 18 months. If the individual wishes to speed up the process, a request application should include the complete profile. Visa seekers should not leave their profile incomplete in any way which can extend the average processing time.

 2. Guidance in application

 The best Canada Immigration consultants in India offer invaluable guidance to help the students and working professionals get used to the highly professional Canadian environment. Quality Consultancy Services ensure that your application is not rejected due to technicalities, and guarantee a faster approval rate.

Why should you consider applying for the Ontario Express entry program?

Ontario province is an attractive destination for setting up permanent residence for individuals who want a balanced life in health, education, and social infrastructure. Also, the express entry program is a godsend to many skilled Indians who wish to showcase their abilities in Canada’s great land of opportunity.

Now you have all the processes and all the good reasons to immigrate and settle in Canada. Keeping these points in mind, it is highly recommended that you proceed to the next step. Moving to Canada is also a rewarding experience, and the above-mentioned program can be one of the ways of making the transfer.

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