What Is Cultural Shock, And How Can You Overcome It?

Cultural shock refers to the feeling of confusion. People feel this when they visit places with different cultures. Almost every international student experiences. Everyone feels it in a different way. Your past experiences make your feelings disturbed about the new place.

A large number of students move to other countries for studies. Many people visit abroad for tourism and for a better career. In this situation, cultural shock is natural. Every country has its culture. Every time you feel newness when you visit new places. Their language, dress, and way of dealing may be different from yours.

You also feel unfamiliar with their norms and cultures. Don’t worry about the cultural shock. It takes time to adjust to a new place. In this article, we share tips to overcome it. It helps students and others in their visit abroad.

Take Some Time

Cultural shock is normal. Remember that most of the students feel it. When you are a kid, you take time to adjust to school. Consider cultural shock in the same way. You can take it as the process o change. Give some time to yourself. Be patient and don’t lose hope. If you take some time, you start enjoying differences.

You want to learn new things about this place. You want to explore different places of theirs. You start becoming part of the culture. It happens when you take some time. Don’t forget that you are here to learn new things. Many students study abroad so that they learn and discover new things.

After that, they go back to their countries to serve them. If students remember their aim in mind, they don’t lose hope. They are ready to welcome new things. So, students can overcome it by taking it in a positive way. They take time to adjust to a new place.

Be Positive

We have to stay positive when we visit abroad. Many times, we judge the culture on our standards. We miss our food and cultures there. We start comparing the cultures. It is not the right approach. Comparison increases your worries. We have to enjoy what we have.

We have to find positive things in the new place. Every culture has positive and negative sides. You have to look for positive sides. Every country has its rich culture. You can visit libraries and museums to learn about cultures.

Try to find different cultural places and visit there every week. Write your experience in a notebook and share it with friends and family. In this way, you learn many things about the culture. Moreover, you can overcome the cultural shock.

Make New Friends

Friends are helping hands in every condition. It is better to make new friends there. Many other international students also pass through the same phase. You feel comfortable when you know that others also experience it. Your new friends help you to overcome this phase. You feel comfortable with them.

You may not concentrate on things around. You can also make friends from the host country. This approach is more effective than the first one. You learn the culture soon. They introduce you to the positive sides of their culture. Your social skills start improving with them. So, it is better to make new friends. Otherwise, you need a lot of time to adjust to the culture.

Be Social

According to a dissertation help firm, cultural shock makes you homesick. It is better to go out. You have to explore new things. You have to increase your interactions with people. When you feel the connection with people, you start adjusting to the culture.

It is better to attend different cultural events. It increases the exposure to culture. These events share the core of their culture. Every culture has a lot of things to explore and share. Students can overcome their cultural shock by visiting there.


People face cultural shock because they don’t know about the culture. It is better to research the culture. Students can visit libraries to learn about the culture. They also find a lot of data from the internet. They can see the videos or read blogs of different influencers.

You find a large amount of data about the culture. You can learn about their values and beliefs. You learn about their behaviors. It is also fine to get knowledge about their dresses and foods. You may also read the history of their cultures.

Every culture has a rich history. That is why it exists in the competitive world. History is always interesting. You may find many points that link with you. So you can overcome cultural shock by conducting healthy research.

Do Not Be Shy To Share Your Culture:

You see people from different cultures abroad. Many cultures share common values. So, share your culture without hesitation. People start showing interest in other cultures. Some people may visit your country. They may have experience with your culture. When you share your culture, they may relate their experiences.

For example, countries of South Asia share the same kind of culture. They eat the same kind of food. They also share norms. They also build a connection with someone who shares their culture abroad. So you have to share your culture abroad. But remember, don’t start comparing with the host culture.


Culture shock is the feeling of disorientation. People feel uncomfortable when they see different cultures. They feel loneliness and homesickness. Due to this, they do not concentrate on the study or work. Cultural shock is a natural and normal thing.

It can e overcome by remaining calm. People have to take some time. They should start adjusting to this environment. They do not need to compare their culture with the host country. They have to stay positive and focus on learning. They can make new friends.

They also learn new things by meeting with locals. They can research the culture. They also share their cultures with others. Hence, cultural shock is a natural thing. It is better to take it in a positive way and learn new things.

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